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Accident Repair Tools Automotive Body Repair News is a regular monthly trade publication serving the crash repair work industry. This site offers news, items, and technical service details on a range of crash repair topics.

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The Porsche website consists of details on training devices and tools, workshop manuals, technical information, diagnostic info, and electrical wiring diagrams. Registration is needed to access the website and memberships to download details are available yearly, or by individual document.

This site is Kia's factory site and as soon as you register you will have the ability to gain access to and view the same exact parts diagrams as the Kia Dealership. Go to and select from hundreds of Kia Genuine Parts in their Wholesale Collision Parts Guide. This site is for the help with an apprenticeship program and they can help you with getting funding from the Department of Labor for Federal Grants for your apprentices.

This is a valuable site for firemens and for professionals to acquaint themselves with which lorry parts are made from UHSS/Boron products. This site would likewise be helpful for estimators in educating them on which panels could NOT be repaired due to their being UHSS/Boron.

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This website allows you to create a phone number for advertising purposes and record the conversations for training functions and for marketing success tracking. The Google Voice number can be forwarded to any number you pick.

It utilized to be that if the frame was jeopardized in any method then the lorry would be amounted to. Nevertheless, with a frame device that does not have to be the case anymore. A frame machine is a very advanced piece of machinery that will bend the frame back into place where you might make repair works to it.

7 Most Common Collision Repair Tools This General Motors website is committed to supplying technical accident repair work info for a variety of late model GM cars. Note that the information on this site is from the NACE publications and is not maintained. ALLDATA supplies in-depth OEM diagnostic & repair work details to the accident industry with on-line accessibility and fast, reliable, library staff assistance. Crash repair work treatments, frame sectioning info, car dimensions, panel replacement procedures, electrical and mechanical details in addition to TSBs and remember info can be found here.

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Minor car accident is a website exclusively serving crash service center owners and operators through examining in-depth real life battles, successes, and services from the industry, providing readers the motivation, tools, and inspiration to assist them be successful in this industry,

Collision Repair Cost This website is a "pay to utilize" site IF and ONLY IF you want to utilize their Airbag software or identify exactly what Air bag or SRS system components require replacement. This website will permit you to evaluate Airbag crash videos NO CHARGE and research lorry recall publications NO CHARGE.

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Website that consists of Performance Services such as Education, Consulting, Performance Groups, Tools, and Performance Alliance that will assist improve success by owning more work "TO" your repair center and then enhancing how quickly and cost effective you get the lorries "THRU" your repair work center.

WIN Career Tracker (Women's Industry Network) Career Tracker This website is sponsored by the Women's Industry Network. A company that promotes Women in the Collision Repair Industry. Although the organization is for women, they make their Career Tracker readily available to anybody in the industry male or woman. Users may review resumes of possible candidates or post help desired ads. Has terrific pointers for talking to and more.

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This site is Nissan's factory site and when you register you will be able to access and see the very same precise parts diagrams as the Nissan Dealership. You can browse by year and design, part number, or keyword. In addition, you can really place an order thru the website and it will be processed to your regional car dealership.

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This website for the Rubber Manufactures Association is a great site for finding out more about Tires. For example you can download Tire Information service Bulletins, Wall charts, proper Tire inspection, anything you may would like to know Tires you will probably discover on this site.

This site is for the State of Connecticut's Online Licensing Info. This would be the site that an individual would go to for information for their Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraiser's License. This site is the "Facebook" equivalent for the Collision Repair Industry. It likewise has sections to publish aid wanted ads or take a look at existing resumes. This site also has numerous chatroom that are topic specific. i.e. Lean, Women in the Industry, and so on

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Apple link-- Google link-- The iPainter app is readily available and totally free on the App Store for iPhones, iPads & Google Android Devices iPainter Features: Keep a Spray-Out Inventory, Favorite Formulas, Favorite Custom Lists (Fleet, Recreational Vehicle, and Custom Colors), Verified Paint Variances List, Log Assigned Repair Order Numbers, Record Rate of Flat Rate, Track Weekly or Bi-weekly Pay Cycles, Track Paid Labor Hours, Track Unpaid Labor Hours, Calculate Expected Pay Amount, Record a Weekly or Bi-Weekly Work History Report This Kia website offers information on OBD II, service manuals and wiring diagrams, technical service bulletins, tools and devices, and so on. Registration is required and the advised system requirements consist of Windows 98 or higher, Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, and a 128K Internet connection or faster.

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This website offers tires for whether you're on the street, track or off-road, BFGoodrich tires are created for the chauffeur who puts high performance initially. You can look for tires by tire size, name, classification, or year, make, and model of the lorry. This Ford site supplies info on mechanical repair such as OBD II, diagnostic tool assistance, technical training, and body repair handbooks. The body repair handbooks are accessed through an online subscription. Subscriptions are offered for 72 hours, 31 days, or one year. Currently, body repair work manuals are readily available for the 2002/2003:

This site is created to offer you with additional material related to the DPS Educational classes, Business Councils, or Local Performance Groups you may attend. For access to this website, please contact your regional DPC Sales Representative or Business Development Manager.

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This website is an authentic Toyota parts seller with a full line of parts and devices delivered directly from authorized Toyota dealerships. All the OEM Toyota parts are accessible in their total catalog.

Accident Repair Estimate This site is for the purpose of buying paint retouch packages. However, you can also search for for FREE paint codes on a car and take a look at color chips WITHOUT purchasing touch up sets. Excellent way to identify a paint code if you cannot find it. It does consist of some Recreational Vehicle's as well as motorbikes. Automotive Industries Association (AIA) is a nationwide trade association for makers and wholesalers. The PBE Council provides assistance and resource for CCIF action suggestions. This site provides info on training, body repair work, Electronic Control Module (ECM) program information, and related publications for Nissan and Infiniti cars. The website supplies links for purchasing printed material, CD-ROMs, or online info. Memberships are readily available for one day, 30 days, or one year.

This website is Kia's factory site and once you register you will be able to access and view the exact same specific parts diagrams as the Kia Dealership. WIN Career Tracker (Women's Industry Network) Career Tracker This site is sponsored by the Women's Industry Network. An here organization that promotes Women in the Collision Repair Industry. This website is Nissan's factory website and when you register you will be able to gain access to and view the same precise parts diagrams as the Nissan Dealership. The body repair work handbooks are accessed through an online subscription.

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